Sun bets were offering a £20 free bet on the England Malta game if you set up an account and spent a fiver. I did so and wanted a bet I was fairly confident would come in, even if the returns weren’t superb. It is also worth looking out for introductory offers.

Luckily I was at the pub and missed the first half of the England game. I like to see the national anthem.
In my mind playing for their country is the nearest thing these footballers will do to national service and they should take it seriously. Joe Hart singing the national anthem, eyes closed in rapture and seriousness gladdens me.
So I did Harry Kane first goalscorer, a sound bet and made a return of £40 from my £5. As it is September he is in fine fettle again and I was confident.
I don’t like the Sun Bets website layout, the process of verifying my ID was lengthy and the odds and bet selections are not terribly exciting.
So I have retrieved my £40 to reinvest into other pursuits.
If one is to endure an England game, one should try and find an avenue to profit, not matter how modest the returns.

sun bets

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