I really don’t want Man U to win the prem.
They are perhaps my least favourite club. Mainly because of how ridiculously popular they are. I read that something like a tenth of football fans worldwide support them. And I take umbrage with Mourinho. Tactically a genius but a champion of such negative anti football and a complete spoiler and he was so rude about Pep’s hair.

No away team has gone on to win at Old Trafford when they’re a goal down at half time in the premier league era. I hate that stat.
My own team performs terribly against them, especially away.
I always bet against my team. People reprimand and berate me for this, but I think it’s wildly sensible. Profiting from the outcome you really don’t want, finding your own silver lining. A way of slightly reneging the melancholia of your cherished team losing a game.
In that spirit and very much of the opinion that Man U will win the prem this season, as I believe and hope City players will tire, I put on these novelty bets.
So when Man U win the 17/18 premier league, hopefully I shall have made some returns on their hideous, devastating success.


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