Here is a screenshot I smugly sent to my friend after the first four matches concluded and things were going swimmingly for me.

Galatasaray took the lead in what I assumed would be an easy win, as they are in such fine fettle this season thusly. I had the option to cash out at £120 after the Galatasaray goal by Gomis but muggins held on and ended up with nothing but my £5 stake back as a free bet thanks to the good people of Ladbrokes.
I was foolishly confident of my bet winning and did not cash out when I could, hubris is the enemy of the gambler.
I suppose the moral of the story here is £115 profit is nothing to sneer at and I should have been more cautious and more receptive to the idea of cashing out, like a pragmatic Deal or No Deal contestant.
I shall conclude with this Napoleon quote: ‘Audacity succeeds as often as it fails; in life it has an even chance.’Acca

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