Enhanced accumulators are ubiquitous online. Kind of a mini acca, it is a simple combi bet of a mixed bag selection of teams to win, one “upset” as I called it.

Three teams or so just to win is the best option. Win & both teams to score is heavily promoted by Sky but I never do these. The average score in any football game is 1-1 and this occurs is 11.63% of all matches whilst the commonest winning score is 1-0. Bookies know this hence why they incentivise not betting on draws and betting on btts with a winner.

I usually stick with Ladbrokes offerings, usually semi short odds with stake limitations. The Chelsea, United and Leeds bet was limited at £25.00. Ladbrokes offer the most feasible selection, although it is very limited, often only one offer a day. Sky Bet offers a range so large it’s often hard to find a winning gem.

This is my most common mode of winning money, I have put down £50 to return £800 routinely, but that is clearly risky, when the stake is limited to a mere £25 you know the bet is sound.


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