According to Soccernomics, summer is not the best time to buy new players.

The rationale for this is that fresh from the end of the season and any summer competitions players are full of hubris and only judged from a short time frame, (e.g. the end of the summer or the summer competitions they might have participated in) and not their entire career.

All David Beckham’s transfers took him to the fashion’s capitals of the world, this is is a useful thing to think of when considering where a player might want to be play. As he is so obsessed with his dogs, I thought Sanchez to PSG was a savvy bet. Where better to be a dog owner in Europe? Although I was way off here, the logic is sound.

It is telling that none of Europe’s other premier clubs have any interest in him, PSG don’t need him, and nowhere else seems to want him.

And he is often portrayed as a corrosive influence in the dressing room. It looks like he is United bound.

c’est la vie


One bet I did a while ago, and I have no idea why, is Emre Can to Juve, but now it looks like Pep wants him and this market is no longer being offered by Sky Bet.
Olivier Giroud to Chelsea at 10/1 looks interesting and he would certainly be better value than Andy Carroll or Peter Crouch. I am yet to be convinced that transfers are worth betting on. Paul Lambert to manage Stoke was apparently 100/1 before it happened so there’s a lot of value in transfers somewhere.




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