I felt supremely confident of a Swansea win last night. So much so that I bet on it. But muggins decided to bet on the score line. Something I have only rarely do.

Once I walked into a bookies with a pound in my pocket and 2 minutes to kill and did 3-1 to Nice against Monaco. I walked in the next day to collect £67. This is a rarity.
Most common score in football is 1-1, this occurs in 11.63% of all matches.
More than 30% of matches end w 1 goal difference.
The commonest winning score is 1-0, followed by 2-1, 2-0 and 3-1

I didn’t think Swansea would manage to contain Liverpool’s attack so with that in mind I went with 2-1.
Stats from P52 The definitive guide to betting on football by Kevin Pullein
I was foolish.
A team, according to Kevin Pullein, is destined to pull off better results once their relegation status is confirmed. But here it’s no certainty. Can Swansea find a way to survive the drop?
The racing post recommended a Liverpool win with over 2.5 goals, I am comforted they read this game so wrong.


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