I nearly had an amazing Sunday. I have never had much luck on accas.

I am accustomed to placing at least a fiver on accas – and i’m rethinking this approach. Keeping a vigilant eye on my phone makes me feel like a high powered trading exec as opposed to a simple gambler. I kept an eye on my phone all day. Even while watching Coming to America (a mate and I have been having Eddie Murphy movie marathons).

I got everything but Galatasaray. And catching a moment of Tottenham, I was sure they’d score and it would all be over, I cashed out for just under £6.
Galatasaray were a banker so I’m shocked they would have fucked me – of all the possibilities.
Bankers cannot be relied on, especially away from home – I suppose is a takeaway from this .
From my experience in the bookies, nobody wants to bet on draws. I guess because they’re boring and bookies never advocate them, because they know how common they are.
Out of 10 I got 1 wrong and every game I wasn’t sure I put as a draw.
I’m glad re Tottenham, it seemed fitting that would grab a spectacular draw against Juve then fail to beat a league one team at home. With these FA cup fixtures the giant killing is always on home soil.

Also, of 10 matches – there was only one away win – Juve.

Sky Bet do not offer acca insurance – but do offer cash outs more quickly than anywhere else I have discovered. The temptation of a near win experience is to replicate the formula and feel full of hubris. I am just glad I cashed out for a humble profit.



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