I am so excited about the World Cup. I have completed my sticker book, bought the official England world cup kit from Lidl and now await the thrilling opening match between Russia & Saudi Arabia come the 14th.


Uruguay – circa 28/1, the team boasts Saurez and Cavani, will for sure win their group, did better than Argentina at qualifying.
Oscar Tabárez took them to 4th place in 2010 and manager longevity and consistency is vital in international competitions.
However, the World Cup has only twice been won outside its continent, the South American teams could struggle in Russia.

Poland – sounds crazy, but Sam Wollaston from the Telegraph recommended this punt. Lewandowski up front, they have a good selection of goalies, their squad has been together for a while and they would love to one up Russia, their hated foes. Their odds are circa 66/1


Belgium – around 10/1, they have a star studded, seasoned, experienced squad playing at the highest levels. Their shock defeat to Wales at Euro 2016 means they’ll be super determined to prove themselves.


All bets must be done as each ways of course.

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