I reserve my right to be disappointed, and I hate that ad nauseam I’m told England over-performed.
Our FIFA ranking is superior to Croatia, our squad is younger, hungrier, and we should have done better.

We didn’t really have any properly challenging games, and due to the calibre of some of the countries knocked out so early on, this was a real opportunity for us. As with Leicester winning the premier league, it was less of a case of Leicester being amazing and Ranieri being a genius, and more of a case of the usually dominant top six being in utter shambles, or in this case, Brazil, Germany and Spain to name a few.

I was truly in mourning, suffering from a deep football malaise and reconciling myself to the fact that it is not coming home.
At a train station I saw an England flag as if at half mast which was probably accidental, but utterly appropriate.

During this World Cup the bets where I’ve profited have been on goalscorers, so I had Kane at 11/8 & Modric to score anytime at 6/1 which I thought was pretty decent.  I have no bets on the final as I am just too disenfranchised, but I’m absolutely rooting for Croatia today, as they are the underdogs, and a mate kept telling me France would win it and I’d like him to be wrong.

I do enjoy seeing the passion with which the French players sing their national anthem. Playing for their country is the nearest thing footballers do to national service, and they should take it seriously.

I read a book that quoted diplomat Thomas Elyot: ” Football… is nothing but beastly fury and extreme violence” written in 1531 in a book of advise for Henry VIII.

Beastly fury is certainly what I have felt the last few days.

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