I won an enhanced treble yesterday, three pretty safe options. I also did a ninefold acca where only one teams let me down, bloody Monaco. Merde.

Luckily I only put a pound on that. Winning accumulators are, to paraphrase Francois de La Rochefoucauld, like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. So my strategy is to back Sky Bet’s enhanced odds and chase my ghosts w 50p to a £1.

I also had a horsey tip, so I did an each way.

I’m delighted about Brighton today, I didn’t bet on it, because the odds were terrible. Mourinho to be gone before Christmas is now 2/1 w Sky Bet. Zidane is being touted as a potential successor, but according to Oddschecker, v few bookies are offering a price on this and they are crap.
I still dream of winning an accumulator, but its best to be realistic. Buttress your fantasy bets with practical ones to keep yourself afloat and in profit.

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