I created a new account w ToteSport.

I was seduced by their bet £10 get £10 free offer. I found their website so ungodly hard to navigate that I just ended up backing Enable at Longchamp, the horse expected by all to win. Their price was slightly better than evens, (the price being offered everywhere else seemingly).

Creating my account was easy, not a fucker to verify and I now have a £10 free bet, which expires in a week.

They’ve just emailed me about a 10% cash back every Monday when I spend £20 or more over the week w them which intrigues me a little, but I just don’t think I’ll be betting w them on the regs. The website is ok but the app is virtually unusable.

This weekend City let me down on my acca which was devastating. Mahrez should of scored that pen. I just had a feeling Liverpool were unduly strong favourites and wouldn’t win. However, I still have my bet on them to go unbeaten so I’m glad that’s still in tact.


A mate convinced me (I was high at the time) to back Laurent Blanc for Man U manager, so i’m eagerly awaiting news on Jose’s replacement. He’s played at United, is accustomed to dealing w a big budget, and is French, so could foster a good relationship w Man U’s French players.

I got him at 25/1 and his price is now 16/1.

Nous verrons

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