Accumulators are the creme de la creme of football betting. Nobody wins an accumulator without bragging about it. Often even if one selection is wrong, they’ll brag.
It is an illustration of that supreme individual’s knowledge and prescience to win an acca. Through their insight and wise decision making they have profited.

Last night I backed PSG. Because their price was atrocious, and this season I view them as a team who’s raison d’etre is CL glory. However, Napoli are worthy opponents and battle every week in Serie A, not the infinitely less competitive Ligue 1.

Everybody builds their accas uniquely, believing themselves to have found the winning formula, or at least a recipe. Some just back the favourites, slap down a tenner and hope to find themselves £50 richer. Some only back away teams, finding value in struggling home form. Some look for a vulnerable favourite and build their acca from there.

Some stick to leagues they’re familiar some venture into all obscure realms of football, the Algerian second division, Oman. This seems non-sensical to me.

Some myopically always back rich teams sans actually studying their form, despite that fact that a Real draw or lose will always carry a good price and is a distinctive likelihood, but most shun draws – despite the fact that 1-1 is the most common score in a football game, they don’t want to bet on a stalemate, one team must triumph.

There’s many different types of accumulator. The straight win is the most popular, but over/under goals are popular, both teams to score, over 3.5 goals in the game…
Some back an absolute myriad of teams some are conservative and stick to a treble.

I used to work in a bookmakers and a little old man used to traipse in daily, sit w his little pen and fill out boxes and boxes of bbts and win accas. The potential returns were always in the tens of thousands so I always wanted to be nice to him.

But his ability to be so sublimely irritating rendered this difficult. For starters, he brought his previous accumulator slips in for me to check. They were always usually ripped and creased, months old and been through the wash, unable to be scanned on my till. Often I had to manually type the bar code and after my labours see the inevitable 0.
Sometimes I had to call the other shop he frequented near his work, to ask them to check the returns. Of course, there was always nothing and they were furious that I would even bother calling.

Also he would place his hundreds of slips on the till and stare at me as I performed the mind numbing task of pushing them through my till. He rejected my attempts at small talk, as I tried to assuage my boredom as I put the exorbitant number of sheets through the till. Only occasionally saying “one day my luck will come”.
I always doubted this, but the coveted acca win is a dream many continue to chase, despite its low likelihood. But the returns can be so great, that people will continue spending and building to reach their tax free châteaux en espagne.

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