I read the Racing Post on Saturday, ahead of the Champions League final and there was a point about tonight’s game. All the pundits bar one advocated for England, but hopefully Holland can bring out some Cruyff magic and the game shall be more entertaining than the CL final.

I had intended to have a bet so shall be making the most of Sky Bet’s bet £10 get a £5 free bet. 

Sterling has six goals in his last 4 games for England, so he’s a natural choice for first goalscorer and I’ve done both halves, like I did last night w Ronaldo.

Van Dijk to score a header is always plausible and half time full time is always a market worth investing in.

Here are Cruyff’s 14 rules of football from his aptly titled autobiography “My Turn”.

1.) Team player – ‘To accomplish things, you have to do them together.’;

2.) Responsibility – ‘Take care of things as if they were your own.’;

3.) Respect – ‘Respect one another.’;

4.) Integration – ‘Involve others in your activities.’;

5.) Initiative – ‘Dare to try something new.’;

6.) Coaching – ‘Always help each other within a team.’;

7.) Personality – ‘Be yourself.’;

8.) Social involvement – ‘Interaction is crucial, both in sport and in life.’;

9.) Technique – ‘Know the basics.’;

10.) Tactics – ‘Know what to do.’;

11.) Development – ‘Sport strengthens body and soul.’;

12.) Learning – ‘Try to learn something new every day.’;

13.) Play together – ‘An essential part of any game.’;

14.) Creativity – ‘Bring beauty to the sport.


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