After last night’s dramatic recoupling, this evening’s episode focussed purely on the drama.

The tragic, unrequited, woeful tale of Amy and Curtis and the revelation of Michael’s new paramour.


The face of Amber, an Amazonian warrior queen ready for battle, was previewed last night.
Tonight, she is cool and collected, exuding as much regal demure as possible under the undignified conditions she’s been subject to.

Caroline’s interviews are like Jeremy Kyle’s. Under a veil of kindness and sympathy, designed to prompt the most emotional (figure boosting) responses.
Amber responds w bravado – her Amazon shield up, deflecting Caroline’s bullets, then later again to Michael while they’re having a chat alone.

Girl Jordan – lusted after by Boy Jordan (who later plays the injured puppy role, pretended to be single of his own freewill), Curtis and Danny, immediately repeats Amber’s frustrated mutter of “dead ting” and shares this w the villa.

I hope she was told to do this by the producers but judging by her smirking, smug, complacent, self satisfied face during the recoupling ceremony, I am not sure.

Amber was reprimanded behind her back by the feckless Michael as he lamented her “childishness” at absconding away – wanting to share her anguish w her friends as oppose to confronting him and his new paramour directly – “maturely”.
This seems a large ask of a delicate young woman who’s just had her heart broken on national television and would rather seek solace in the company of her friends than do battle.

Anna, a loyal comrade, battles in Amber’s stead – expressing her fury to Michael
apropos this situation, and they argue, she is also branded childish for fighting valiantly for her friend.

Elsewhere Amy and Curtis discuss their predicament, which serves as a vehicle for Maura’s delicious brief moments of screen time where she tells Amy to tell Curtis to fuck off.

Amy and Michael were strong favourites to win (now superseded by Molly Mae & Tommy, of course). And Amber clearly desperately wants to believe he recoupled out of fear she would do the same or because he allowed himself to be influenced by the whipped comment and masculinely threatened, has sought the arms of a “dead ting” to console himself.

As do I Amber, although you deserve better, as all the girls do.

Everybody likes a make up story (Kem and Amber, LI S3), and if Michael did some Tom level grovelling, perhaps they are still salvageable and their love can bloom once more

Although it looks like Tommy & Molly May are already riding off into the sunset w the £50k prize, maybe Amber and Michael are still worth a punt at 40/1.

I have put my measly remaining Sky Bet balance on it.

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