Somebody recommended Royal Panda to me and it made me want to stop gambling.

Firstly, both the website and app are laboriously slow, adding more than one bet to a betslip is problematic. Like getting pandas to mate in captivity, putting on a bet is ridiculously difficult.


I wanted to bet on Sturridge in Turkey; the odds on him were extensive and I was interested in pursuing this market. I placed a simple bet, Sturridge last goalscorer.

An hour after the game I saw my bet on Sturridge last goalscorer was still unsettled. I accessed the online chat after much effort and asked politely for the bet to be voided.
Man had no clue what the fuck was going on, as evidenced in my screen caps.


I have emailed asking that in lieu of my £20 bonus I would like that in cash.
They did advise me that I had 10 free spins – w standard X35 wagering requirement, fuck off.

Got a phone call from a guy who couldn’t speak English when I requested a callback – argued w him, and then the next morning a different guy phoned and gave me a £5 goodwill gesture. He was actually alright, he apologised over zealously, but apparently could not fulfil my request of giving me £20 as withdrawal balance as oppose to a free bet.

Horseys do not have a price, all SP which is a raw deal.

I actually, for the first time in my life, used my balance on a casino game, purely to get rid of it so I never had to deal w Royally shite Royal Panda again. I imagine withdrawing funds would be a mighty palaver and am delighted to be spared that rigmarole.

Royal Panda, more like pauper panda.

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